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 I've done this before, three years ago in fact, but doing it by myself and paying for it on my own made me feel more grown up. I put on my big girl pants today (No really, I think I did. My jeans do NOT usually fall off me like these were trying) and took charge. I booked my own appointment, I got there with time to spare, and I was able to answer my own questions without constantly looking to my mom for help. Because I do that a lot, I get asked certain questions and I look to my mom with that "I don't know what to do help me Mommy" face, and she answers for me. Not today. I did it myself. It's just an eye exam and a purchase of new glasses, but doing it myself made me feel...more grown up. I've even been having the occasional thought of "Hey it'd be fun to move out on my own, live in an apartment closer to where I work." though I know I won't do it. I'm not ready to move out on my own yet, I'd miss the comfort of home with my mom too much.

I like the place I went to. Very high end, very nice. My coworker recommended it to me and he absolutely was not embellishing how well they treat their patients in the slightest. It was an amazing place, and I'm more than happy to go back again.

The glasses I ordered are big girl glasses too. <3 Transitions, scratch resistance, a seal to help with glare, uv coating. It's great. And with my cast discount it chopped like..$100 off the total price. I spent a lot less than I thought I was going to end up spending, and it's totally worth it. And my glasses? They're Vera Wang. My final options ended up being Juicy Couture or Vera Wang, two designer names I never thought I would ever have ANYTHING of. The month of March, all that stress, exhaustion getting sick...it was all worth it. I know some people will be like "OVER A PAIR OF GLASSES?!" No, it's not just a pair of glasses to me. It's my sight, it's being able to see so I can not crash while I'm driving. So I can not go blind every time I'm at work, so I can actually see from a distance and make sure people are safe. To me it was also about doing this on my own which, aside from bringing my mom so she could drive when I was BLINDED BY THE FRIGGIN' LIGHT and because I just love spending time with her, is exactly what I did.

I spent $514 in one visit. THAT'S NOT SOMETHING I DO OFTEN, GUYS.

Reading back on this my thoughts make no sense buuuuut I don't really care. Deal with it. <333

Facts to know: Mom sprayed Belle with this flea stuff. She is unhappy and looks like a drowned rat because it has to dry on its own. There is also a towel under my desk because my footspa was sitting on it for awhile.

Belle: ::trudges over and hides under desk::
Me: Hi Pitiful! Are you going to sit here? ....Okay. ::watches her::
Belle: ::sniffs at a weird thing on the towel::
Me: Don't eat that. I don't know what it is..........she ate it. :<
Mom: ::dies laughing::
NOT QUITE SURE WHY IT WAS SO FUNNY but I guess I'm hilarious.


A way cracked out dream this morning.

 Not quite sure what the heck this was about. It started we were all shipwrecked on some deserted island that looked like something out of World of Warcraft. It was me and a group of random strangers...and an alpaca.

Yes. An Alpaca.

So everyone was trying to figure out who caused the shipwreck and killed the other people on the ship. All they knew was it was someone named Ally Paca.


So then one thing leads to another and they realize Ally Paca is the Alpaca's husband (And not the Alpaca. Go figure.) and so since they couldn't find Ally Paca they punished the Alpaca by throwing her over the side of a cliff into a waterfall. Next thing we know there is suddenly a VERY PISSED OFF GIANT ALPACA STEPPING BACK UP AND TRYING TO KILL US OHGOD RUUUUUUUUUUN

And then I woke up, saw it was 9am, and freaked out thinking I was late for work because I'm used to working morning shifts lately.

The end.


I'm awesome. The end.

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uh oh. I heard a thud, and some crazy person lsot control and hit the sign in the road and fled
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Corrin 6:10 pm
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Corrin 6:11 pm


It's weeeeeird.

 Lately I've been having trouble focusing. Like, not in an Omg I Must Have ADD! sort of way...but more I just can't get myself to want to do anything but sleep. I'm not depressed, I don't think? I have nothing to be depressed about right now as far as I'm aware, unless it's some subconscious thing then thanks...love to be subconsciously attacked by my...sub...conscious...or something. I don't think it's got anything to do with my iron deficiency? Though while I felt AMAZING in August my health took a turn down the drain in early September and I don't think I've ever bounced back from that. I'm always tired, even if I'm not doing anything. I'm still taking my iron, hell I'm taking two tablets a day now until I finish this bottle and can buy a higher dosage. I'm even taking in more vitamin C.

Maybe I'm working too hard? But I'm working less than I did over the summer...then again I didn't have Candlelight over the summer, and honestly Candlelight is harder and more intense than WORKING. I used to have trouble getting to sleep, now I'm having trouble waking up. On workdays I manage to do it somehow (A miracle?), but days I'm not working I always sleep in by HOURS. I don't like sleeping past noon yet here I am sleeping until 3 sometimes 4pm. And I'm not as amused by things as I usually am. Come on, I'm the girl who laughs at everything and now most things that would normally make me laugh instead piss me off, confuse me, make me want to cry or I'm just indifferent.

I feel like I'm being such a bitch when I really don't want to be, or like to be, or ever intend to be...but I'm just...not feeling it lately. I don't want to read, I don't want to play games, I don't want to work, I don't want to talk to my family, I don't want to watch tv, I don't want to do ANYTHING but sleep. I don't want to sleep but it seems to be all I want to do, if that makes sense. I have to force myself to want to do other things, and it's frustrating me. It used to be when I had trouble focusing on something I'd put it aside and do something mindless to clear my head and help, and that worked! It always worked! But now I can't do it. I don't even want to do the mindless things. I don't want to do anything. I don't get it! It's frustrating the HELL out of me that no matter how hard I try I can't get myself to concentrate or motivate myself to do anything!

I'm even getting lost in my own conversations. It could be the dumbest thing, the easiest thing to understand, but I just can't...get it. I'm stuck staring at it and going "Uhhhhhhhhh" and then I get confused. So I sound stupid, or like a bitch, or just...yeah, I just sound stupid. Or I space out. This? This I'm writing? I've been working on this little bit for a good...I dunno...two or three hours now. And look how short it is. Maybe I should sleep more? I dunno. I think I've been sleeping enough as it is, maybe even too much? Just...ugh. I don't get iiiiiit.

Edit: AND NO I'm not trying to sound emo. I kinda just skimmed over this again and I got an emo wah wah cry baby vibe from it so...yeah...no. Not being emo just kinda "WTFing" over this. I'm more confused and irritated and frustrated than anything.

And now for something awesome~.

 So a friend of mine got married recently, and she and her husband are currently enjoying their honeymoon at Disney. She wanted to see me while I was working, hang out during that time and stuff, y'know? But their first Disney day was a day I'm NOT working (Yesterday) for once. And they wouldn't have seen me today, I don't work Friday, Sunday or Monday and I originally wasn't going to be working on Saturday (But I am now~.) so we met up yesterday in the morning and I hung out with them and played at the park. They had their bride and groom Mickey Ears and their 'just married' buttons, it was cute. Now, I've been to the park so many times. Soooo many times. Even before I started working there I was there once or twice every year throughout highschool, sometimes more. For awhile I found it hard to believe Disney does as many 'Magical Moments' as it does, because I had NEVER ever seen them experienced...even when I started working there I found it hard to believe because at Pirates there isn't much we can do that's super Magical, y'know? But yesterday was just...oh man. It was incredible.

It's their vacation, and I've done everything there is to do at almost all the parks by now, so I was adamant they make the decisions. I asked her where to start and she was like "Uhhh I dunno...that way?" and pointed toward Adventureland. Okie dokie! We went to Adventureland. We did everything, and did Pirates last since we were working our way down one by one through everything. When we got there Zachary asked which side were going, I said Port so he walked along with us. There's a point in the port side queue with chained off stairs, these stairs go around the line and skip past it. Normally only pirates are allowed to take this route, but since there was a bit of a line he took down the chain and brought the three of us down this way. David gave us the first row, and everyone was wishing them congratulations. We got off, went to lunch at Pecos (I kind of suggested it because I've been craving Pecos for the past 6 months because I can SMELL THEIR BURGERS when I'm at Pirates and omg I never get a chance to eat there). When they got to the counter a cast member got a bell and announced their presence to the whole restaurant. Awesome.

After lunch we went to Splash Mountain, got some fast passes for it, did some stuff and came back. Her husband was smart and took off his hat for this, knowing we'd be going down hills and then a GIANT hill. She just pinned hers more securely. It...had no effect. We went down the big hill and it FLEW off her head, hitting the boy behind her in the face but he didn't even think to grab it. They were kind of sadfaced about it, her especially, and he was assuring her they could go buy a new one. Uh uh, this isn't gonna fly with me, yo. I insisted they inform the nearest cast member about it when we got off, so she did. They gave her a voucher to get a replacement of this hat she lost while on their ride, it only took about five minutes since they chatted a bit. We went to go see our picture, but it was already gone by then so they told us to just go to the photo pickup and they could find it for us. Guess this happens a lot? XD So we found it, it was really funny. You can SEE the hat starting to fly off her head in the picture. I asked them if they wanted it, totally intending on buying it for them with my cast member discount. Because I'm cool like that and stuff. They asked how much it was, and she was still sadface over losing her hat (Starting to get over it though since she was getting it replaced for free) and they were hesitant because of cost. The woman behind the counter went "You know what, I'm going to give you a Magical Moment." and printed them an 8x10 of the picture. For free. Totally free. I've never seen that. They were shocked.

We eventually went to Le Chapeau to get the new ears, and then they saw you could personalize them. I was always under the impression that stuff was free? Oh well. Anyway, she asked how much it was. Traditional font is $3, and a special font called 'fun' or one called 'script' was $7. After a bit of deliberation they decided they'd get the $3 one, and while she was fiddling with money I filled out the little form cards for her since her hands were busy. I circled the traditional font because that's what she said she'd be getting, the man told me no. Wait, what? He told me no? Why? He made me erase it and circle the script font instead, one of the $7 ones. She got worried "But no wait I was just going to get the $3 one." He told them it was going to be done for free. The nicest font, on their ears, for FREE. They were shocked and excited and it was just so cute. XD The Celebrate a Dream Come true parade was starting, so when their hats were finished we went to go watch it right outside. EVERY character (Whose face wasn't a mask) mouthed congratulations to them, a whole bunch of other characters came up to them, and when the fairy godmother drifted by on her float with Cinderella and Prince Charming she mouthed congratulations to them and tossed sparkly fairy dust their way. I've never seen her do that before! It was so cool!

We parted ways around 4 because they had a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table, and I went to Epcot with a friend and a coworker who caught up with me around then. But seriously...that was awesome. They were telling me about Ceder Point, and how no one there seems to give a crap about anyone, and kept going "Oh my god everyone here is just so NICE!" It was great. I never stopped loving Disney, but spending yesterday with them like that really just boosted my love for it. <3 I can always see the reasons why people dislike it? And I understand it isn't for everyone, it's not everyone's thing. But just...no. There's no possible way I could ever dislike something that I have grown up with my entire life from my nursery's decor theme to my JOB as an adult. They were little things, yes. Being announced to the whole restaurant, being congratulated by cast members and guests alike, a free picture and free embroidery of their names on the back of their hats, but it's just incredible. Their day was improved more and more and more by these things, and they were just flabbergasted by the niceness of the cast members and the generosity of all these random strangers who didn't even have to do this. We're not required to give out these magical moments; it's suggested we do every once in awhile, but it's not a requirement. They didn't have to do these things for them, but they did, and they did it with a smile and with so much sincerity.

I'm so excited to go in for work tonight. Seriously. I don't think I've been quite this excited since March.

Not dead!

Uhhhh been awhile since I was on LJ! 8D;;; Been playing WoW, and working, and sleeping, and being dead (Not dead anymore), and stuff.

Work's been good. Saving up for my trip, I is. It's going along swimminglyyyy.

ouo Whoo! Not dead. Just not on LJ.
It hurts to be reminded you're not taken seriously and have to keep apologizing and get made into the bad guy when you've done nothing wrong. :D

I feel so grown up! <3

Sooooo my contract with T-Mobile ends this month. On the 28th. I decided it was time I do my own thing and signed up for a brand new contract all on my own with Sprint using a special discount offer through Disney. Looooove all these benefits I get working here. <3 So I'm getting a nice deal. 20% off my monthly bill, which I decided haaaaas unlimited texting, unlimited web and 450 minutes. I don't talk enough to justify unlimited talk.

So yeah. I'm gonna have a new phone soon! And I can TEXT! But I'll be getting a new number, so if you want my number you're gonna have to let me knoooooow.

I did all this yesterday. Decided I'd check, on a whim, what the status of my order was. I suddenly had a tracking number! So I looked.


This is what I got when I looked. This is UPS' site.

APPARENTLY I ORDERED A TIME TRAVELING PHONE. AND I LIVE IN TEXAS NOW. 8D I called and asked what was going on, and the guy said this has been happening all day. So he looked at my account and he goes "....Wow...haha...woooooooooooow." XD When the COMPANY goes "Wow wtf" you know something is not right.

Silly UPS. Fix your site.


Soooooo it's been awhile. 8D

Honestly I've been keeping up with my facebook and my twitter more than my livejournal. I've wanted to post, I've tried to post, but I can just never come up with things to say. A lot has happened! Sooooooo soooooo much! My job is like...so awesome. XD I complain about being tired and stuff, and how I really want to saw my feet off, but honestly? I love my job. I love it a lot. I mean, last night? I worked until 11am to midnight, which yeah I know that's nothing compared to what some people work wah wah wah but for me? 12 hours is a lot. Especially 12 hours of dealing with guests, running wheelchairs, standing and not being allowed to sit, going up and down stairs, and projecting my voice so it can be heard of hundreds of people. XD

But work has been good. My feet'll get over it, I've just got to get used to things. I've gotten a lot of compliments from my coworkers on how I'm doing and a lot of tips on how to even get better in areas I could use the help, or just tips in general about the people around me and how best to handle them and what they're like. I've heard from several people that Pirates of the Caribbean has some of the best coordinators in the whole park, and frankly I'd believe it from some of the stories I've heard. It's the most technical ride in the park, you've got to have some damn good coordinating.

I think the worst thing that has happened to me so far as far as guests goes is when I had 10 angry families glaring and yelling at me because a pair of girls were just waltzing through the queue. While we do say no line jumping...there's honestly nothing we can do unless WE see it for ourselves. And at the time the line was just continuously moving because we always tell people to fill up alllll available space they see, and if the person in front of you isn't moving you may go around them because we NEED all that space filled. It helps to keep the line as short as possible. But there's honestly nothing we can do! We can't go "Hey so these people say you're cutting lolz get out :D!", we have to actually see it. :/

But other than that it's been going pretty well. This job is murder on my nails though. XD Tuesday I broke my right thumb nail in the most painful way (And it still hurts) and yesterday I broke my left thumb nail. It doesn't hurt or anything, but the fact remains that this job is a nail murderer.

What I'm mostly worried about is screwing up. My training is over so I can't cling to and depend on Stefani, David or Amanda to follow me everywhere I go anymore, but I still ask a lot of questions. "Is this okay?" "What do I do in this situation I've never done this one before!" "How do I do this?" "What do I say for this announcement?" "How do I answer this person?" "Is there a way to make this easier?" "Am I allowed to tell people this?" "What if I don't know something that they're asking me?" "What do I do next?" And...most frequently with me, "The person I'm replacing didn't get rotation yet......where are they and what do I do?" @___@ I don't want to lose my job, and I don't want to look like a total moron in front of all these people who've worked here for either years or even just months because they're College Program interns. I know they don't expect me to know everything because I've only worked three days Post-Training, but I still really, really, REALLY don't want to mess ANYTHING up. Aaaaaat all. I'm so scared to. XD

SO YEAH. I'm not dead. And work as been going pretty well. Yay~


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